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Mini 420 Kawaii Cookie Cutter Set of 10

Mini 420 Kawaii Cookie Cutter Set of 10

  • $20.00

Cannabis Leaf, Flame, Doobie, Dabs, Dab Rig, Lighter, Bong, Nug, Puff, and 420

The 420 Kawaii cutter was designed for a variety of craft projects, fondant, cookies (of course), and much more. This item cuts well and looks nice, too. Since we are a team of bakers and cake artists, we make sure that the final product will work well for your caking and cookie making projects. The possibilities are endless.

The cutter is made of non toxic bio-plastic (made from renewable natural resources like corn). We personally design and make these cookie cutters in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It needs to be washed by hand, as it is not dishwasher safe and can warp with heat

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